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Join the wave of the most engaging and successful marketing in the history of the Digital Marketing and boost your leads and sales by 10 times!

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How would you like to have a virtual salesman who engages in real conversation with your clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, answers all their questions and drives them to the right products or services they need and drives your sales conversion through the roof? And that's not all. It even helps in creating countless new leads and followers base, build customer loyalty and promote your brand to new audience every day. This is the power of Conversational Marketing via Chatbots.

How is Conversational Marketing different than traditional Marketing and why should you care?

  1. The biggest difference is when in traditional ads someone clicks your ad and then leaves your landing page, you have nothing out of the deal, other that the cost of the click. You do not know who they were, no way to reach them, no way to get back to them with an offer, it is just a waste of money! On the other hand when someone interacts with your ad, your Chatbot gets all their information and can even ask them questions that will drive them to the sales funnel or even segment them depending on their needs and characteristics, like gender, budget, etc. That way, you can approach them with an offer, add them in your Newsletters, message them or call them and talk to them directly and have them on your list for future campaigns.

  2. The second difference is that you can actually interact with the customer in real time. Statistics tell us that more than 90% of the customers would chose to interact with your business via chat, rather than call you or email you. The reason is very simple. It is convenience and urgency. They would rather so their shopping during hours your business is closed and would like to ask you a question about your product or service at that time. A waiting time for an answer that ranges to a few minutes is acceptable, but no longer than that. So if your business cannot provide them with an immediate answer they should just go somewhere else. However, with Conversational Marketing your 24/7 Chatbot will always give them the right answer, drive them to the right product or service and close the deal. You could even get notified about it and if you could take over the conversation if you choose too and all that is completely transparent to your client. That is why it is over ten times ore effective to any other marketing technique!

  3. The third difference is its cost effectiveness. The Lead Acquisition Cost (LAC) of Conversational Marketing is much more lower than any other type of Marketing today. While the CPC has been sky rocketed that [ast few years, Facebook Messenger Ads cost is really low in comparison. You can actually get hundreds of new high quality leads by spending a few tens of dollars and just because you 24/7 Chatbot will be conversing with those leads a large percentage will be actually converted to immediate sales, significantly lowering the LAC.

According to all of the above, the reason why should you care about Conversational Marketing is very clear. Conversational Marketing is a great new weapon in your Marketing arsenal that will dramatically decrease your advertisement costs, rapidly build your leads and followers base, establish your brand as a market leader and sky rocket your sales! And just because less than 1% of the Market is currently using it, getting on this boat now, will establish you as a leader!

How does Conversational Marketing work?

We use a powerful new Framework to create a Chatbot that learns and evolves, just like a Digital Assistant does and even learns new skills while your business needs and your customers demands evolve. Throughout all this time, we nurture and improve the Chatbot by answering all unanswered customers' questions and build new sales funnels throughout marketing campaigns that drive your customers to engage in real time, in personal conversation and eventually convert to real sales.

We start by designing a Marketing Campaign capable to generate new leads and drive new customers to your website, increase the awareness of your brand to the public and build a customer base that will dramatically increase your sales now and in the future.

The Chatbot is not only capable to create new leads and followers, but to also segment them, depending on current business and future needs. That means that even if you have not realized a marketing need in the future, the Chatbot already is working on it. How is this possible? This is the power of conversational marketing! The Chatbot asks questions too! And these questions are stored into its database, so that way it knows everything about your clients or your prospect clients and can segment them dynamically depending on your current and future needs. For example, you could run a campaign for all clients who are women, are interested in beauty products and are within 45 to 55 age range. Do you need some extra info about the customers in question? Just send a Chatblast and ask them. For example, you could ask them if they have dry or greasy skin. So if in the future you have a product for dry skin, you can add that to a new campaign that includes all the previous criteria plus it will be sent only to the women with dry skin. The possibilities are endless.

How much do all the above cost?

We offer Conversational Marketing as a monthly service that includes:

  • Facebook Messenger Leeds Acquisition Campaign design and management monthly service, for a monthly revenue of $50K+: $675.00
  • Chatbot platform monthly cost and maintenance: $300.00
  • Chatbot creation service: $10,000.00
  • Chatbot integration with your Facebook business page and your website: $500.00

Total cost: $11.475,00

You get all of the above for only $999.99 monthly fee* and you can stop it at any time. The service is covered by a 15 days money back warranty, so it is an 100% non risk investment.

* Facebook advertisement cost is not included and is paid directly by the customer. By ordering this service you guarantee that you are in a position, have the capability and you are willing to pay for your own ad spend. In any situation that the customer is unable to pay or will not pay for their ad spend, i-seo.us, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any outcome of the marketing campaign and any warranty is void. By ordering this service you also accept the above terms.


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