Nikos Koromilas, Managing Director at dogbows.gr

I met Emmanuel Mantzas, founder of i-seo.us in 1993. I was immediately drawn to the integrity of his character, sincerity and, above all, honesty. He has been developing various computer programs for our business ever since and I saw what is his biggest asset - maximum extent of knowledge in his area of expertise. In the past few years i-seo.us is responsible to develop and market our e-shop, dogbows.gr. I have to say that we have completely let go and enjoyed the ride, relying in their extensive knowledge and great marketing strategy. They have kept our website up to date with all new web technologies and trends and pushed our search engine's ranking to the top, thus boosting our sales. If you want the best to boost your website's sales and to push you to the top of the search engines' ranking, they are the professionals for you.

Nikos Koromilas, Managing director at dogbows.gr

Konstantinos Tsekouras, IT Director, Athens Metropolitan College

I have worked with the specialists of i-seo.us in 2011 during the development of the website for the Athens Metropolitan College where I was responsible for online Marketing. During our cooperation they had shown great efficiency in problem solving. They kept a cool head in times of great pressure and their response to the college’s needs was swift and effective. It is my understanding that their knowledge in website development is substantial and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to any organization that wishes to employ diligent and hardworking specialists. Konstantinos Tsekouras, IT Director, Athens Metropolitan College

George Bissias, CEO at Technosetbee Americas

i-seo.us specialists belong to a rare breed of professionals. I have utilized their knowledge and abilities into more than 30 different projects in a span of 30 years. They are very responsible and always deliver in time and according to specs. They are very pleasant to work with, always try to help and always propose the best solution for the client. In the past few years they has been involved in two of my projects. hessefp.com and ts-bee.com. I have to say that as always, they went beyond their duty and their work was exceptional with extraordinary results. I highly recommend them. If you need the best in the business, they are the right people for you. George Bissias, CEO at Technosetbee Americas

Theodore Karaoulanis, Sales & Marketing Manager DEKA - D. KARAOULANIS

i-seo.us are professionals dedicated to results. They never stop in front of difficulty, always eager to further their knowledge to serve their clients. We did a lot of work together when I was in the woodworking machinery sector, starting with our company's IT networks and equipment, serving customer-and-technology specific needs of industrial equipment and finally to our company's web networks and presence. As long as you clearly know what you want, they will help you do the right thing and will deliver results. If you don't know, or you can't decide, they will help you make the right choice. I surely recommend them. Theodore Karaoulanis, Sales & Marketing Manager DEKA - D. KARAOULANIS

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