Testimonial Russ - RK Watch Services

This is one of our latest customers, Russ, who owns a watch repair shop in Northbrook IL, called RK Watch Services.

You can see the result online, if you search in Google for search term: "watch repair services near northbrook il". He started using our system and in less than 3 weeks, his business review rating in Google went up, from 4.5 and 24 reviews, to 4.8 and 42 reviews and he got quite a few new reviews in Yelp and Facebook as well. All the reviews came from his own happy customers. Plus at the same time, he got no negative reviews, while his competition, M J Watch Services, got one negative review and went down from 4.7 to 4.5. Also his website has climbed up to the number one position in the local Google search results.

Testimonial Horn Pest Management

Horn Pest Management had 25 new leads (and customers) in just one month!

In the words of our customer:
"Before our ratings online where non-existent. Now We have 4 to 5 stars everywhere. I'm so glad we did this"
"We called because of the great reviews we saw on Yelp"
"The investment we paid for itself easily twice over within the first three months."

Check out the customer's video testimonial:

Testimonial Wendy's Huge Catering Job

Wendy got a huge catering job, that was the result of the new great reviews she got, after she started using our online reviews management system!

This testimonial illustrates how much prospects rely on the word of others that leave reviews for a business. Prospects consider other reviewers as trusted references.
26 new reviews over 12 months.
Chef Chic's review situation was just better then non-existent prior to utilizing our online reviews management system. She gained 26 new reviews over a 12 month period. That may not sound like much but considering her industry, competition and new catering job (detailed above), this is a big win and worth the investment many times over.

Check out Wendy's video testimonial: